“To This We’ve Come”

Another outstanding performance by University of Tennessee Opera Theatre, and soprano, Alexandria Shiner. The Consul by Gian Carlo Menotti at Knoxville’s Bijou Theater.

Thwarted once again in an attempt to get her husband and herself out of the country by the endless documents and papers she must fill out, Magda explodes at the Secretary of the Consul, raging against bureaucracy and its ulterior motives. She finishes, declaring that someday, mankind will break out of the paper chains that it has labored under.

The Queen of the Night

Congratulations to UT School of Music and Opera Theatre for their wonderful production of The Magic Flute – It was fun to record and, in a small way, be involved. Though all did very well, I was especially thrilled to hear this performance of “Der Hölle Rache” by Alexandria Shiner playing the Queen of the Night. Simply outstanding; what a voice!